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  Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Haven't heard one peep from anyone wanting to find out who leaked to the New York Times again.  The level and preponderance of people willing to commit treason is astounding.  Bush isn't 'playing politics' when he says that the leaker, whoever it was, was playing politics by leaking a sentence out of context from a secret report called a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), to give the wrong impression that that is the overall conclusion of the report.  On that point, he is obviously right.  If only the democrats would devote half their energy to fighting this war instead of fighting Bush and undermining the war effort and the troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we may have been out of there by now.   So for this reason alone, I'm glad the President ordered the key judgements of the report declassified.  That's only fair.  Right? 

But that's not enough for Harry Reid and the democrats.  Reid wants it all declassified.  Never mind that they have absolutely no say in what gets declassified, and that the parts relevant to their claim should be enough, but the precedent that they will establish is dangerous at the very least.  The precedent to completely interfere and usurp the war-making powers of the presidency by investigating every last move to make it public and politicize it, oblivious to the fact that all of it helps the hearts and minds of the enemy, in addition to liberals. 

Did I say oblivious to the fact?  No, he's not that stupid.  He knows, and they know, that this kind of behavior is spread over the globe in a matter of seconds.  They also know that, aside from the battlefields, there is also a propaganda war going on, and this kind of behavior helps the enemy.  Sen. Dick (Turban) Durbin produces the propaganda for the enemy free-of-charge.  It doesn't make you patriotic, or a patriot, to act like that in such a public way.  Publicly, all of the politicians should be behind the president and decide (or at least pretend) that it's OK to win this war.   This isn't a war you walk away from.  Otherwise, it will follow you.  Read it.

Liberals' interest in protecting classified information started and ended with Valerie Plame.  It's no big deal if a leak will bring harm to either the President or the war effort.  To them, it's a plus if it will do both.

Declassified Key Judgements of the National Intelligence Estimate.  Read it.  Then imagine the consequences of leaving Iraq prematurely.

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Homeschooling, school vouchers, accountability, all are ways to combat 'the soft bigotry of low expectations' when it comes to educating our children to become successful and productive members of society.  That goal isn't a race thing, its a human thing.   The demographics of 'the educated' can, however, be described in racial and ethnic terms, but only at the risk of being counterproductive.  There is evidence now that homeschooling among Black families is on the rise, the results of which can only be good for the kids, the families, and society.

What matters is what counts, and what counts is our children, not brick and mortar schools, not teachers unions, not bureaucrats.

ref: A new homeschooling movement led by Black families.

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