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  Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Slurp It: 7-Eleven Dumps Chavez's CITGO.   It's good to see business taking community and country responsibility seriously.  Now what about our U.S. Navy getting another gas vendor in the Navy Exchanges in this country? Citgo is an exclusive vendor there.

7-Eleven stores 20-year supply agreement with CITGO Petroleum Corporation, a U.S.-based company, ends next week, and 7-Eleven, Inc. is now making the switch to its own branded gasoline. Distributors for the gasoline that 7-Eleven stores begin selling in October is provided to us by U.S. companies, such as Tower Energy Group in Torrance, Calif., Sinclair Oil of Salt Lake City and Frontier Oil Corporation of Houston.


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Yesterday, President Bush and Afghanistan's President Karzai gave a press conference at which Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press demanded to know how Bush can say that the Iraq war has made us safer, when the partially-leaked National Intelligence Estimate says the war has fueled jihadism around the world. We quoted Bush's answer, as well as Karzai's contribution, yesterday, and video of Karzai was on Hot Air yesterday, too. But Bush was also excellent, and if you haven't seen it, the video is well worth a look:

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The Democrats evidently aren't happy with the release of the "key judgments" of the National Intelligence Estimate on global terrorism, because now they've demanded that the White House release the entire report.

That will get them what they're looking for, i.e., headlines like this one: "White House refuses to release full NIE." The Democrats knew, obviously, that the administration can't release the entire document without both endangering agents and compromising the ability of intelligence analysts to write candid assessments without worrying that their work product will wind up in the newspaper. But for now, at least, they can change the subject.

Ted Kennedy weighed in with the most surreal attack:

"The American people deserve the full story, not those parts of it that the Bush administration selects," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

That would be hilarious, if it were not so contemptible. When Democrats in the bureaucracy illegally leaked misleading portions of the NIE's "key judgments" in hopes of influencing the election, that was fine with Kennedy. But when the administration declassified the entire "judgments" section so that the American people can read it all and judge for themselves, now Kennedy complains that the voters aren't getting "the full story." Absolutely outrageous, but typical of the Democrats' ever more hysterical campaign.

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Sen. Allen accused by one person, and not from 17 others who knew him from college some 30 years ago, of using the N word.  And boy is the left in a political tizzy over that?  They have a one-page playbook. Don't discuss issues, destroy them personally and professionally so you can win by default. 

I'm sick of Democrats playing the race card in every election.  Why?  To get votes.  From who?  Blacks, not Whites.  Aside from being a disgusting thing to do to someone not deserving of it, what's more disgusting is that it works.  It's about time for Black Democrats to be insulted by Democrats pulling their racial achilles heel every election and kick them to the curb on that basis alone.  Seems to me they depend on stirring up racial tension lest Blacks may vote Republican.  As close as elections have been since 2000, they must feel it mandatory to scare Blacks into voting Democrat.  A few percentage points loss of the Black vote will be trouble for Democrats getting their power back.  And we know that Democrats getting their power back is more important than stirring up racial tensions, don't we? 

And what am I to make of this thing with Oprah?  Is this supposed to be a joke?   Satire?  Shoe on the other foot, would it be funny if Sen. Allen made comments like Oprah is doing today?  Sounds like she is on a take-a-whitey-to-lunch kind of thing.  What's up with that?

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